Health & Safety Guidelines

We will be holding worship services in the Christian Life Center (CLC). The chairs have been set up within the CLC to allow for social distancing.  We are abiding by the federal standards of at least 6 feet between families.

We ask that when you enter the church for worship on Sunday mornings that you use the north entrance closest to the main office and proceed directly to the CLC to take your seats.  There will be individuals to direct you.

Communion will be available upon entering the CLC or you may bring your communion from home.  The communion portion of the service will be at the end of worship.  You will be responsible for taking your communion trash with you to dispose of at a trash receptacle on your way out of the church.

During the starting phase of gathering back together, we will not have nursery or Sunday school classes in-person.  

Small groups and committees that are directly affiliated with FCC Warrensburg will be welcome to meet as long as they abide by the following guidelines.  At this time, we still recommend only meeting when necessary.

  • Group of 10 or less that are observing social distancing practices
  • Scheduling all church building usage with Cindy
  • Using the products provided to disinfect and sanitize the area used prior to exiting the building

To help prevent the spread of infection, we ask everyone to wear a face mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.  If you refuse or are unable to wear a mask; we ask that you do not attend worship services at this time in-person but continue to worship online.

There will be no fellowship prior to or after service at this time.  Gathering spaces are closed and congregating in the church prior to or after the service is not recommended.  We will dismiss individuals/groups after service and ask that you proceed to your vehicles.  

Before and after every service the CLC, restrooms, and all high-touch surfaces will be disinfected. We will only allow people to enter once this process is complete.

There will be hand sanitizer bottles available in various locations and you are highly encouraged to use them.

Drinking fountains will not be available for use.

We will not distribute any bulletins or printed materials.

Offering envelopes will be available.  There will be designated locations to place your offering prior to service or upon exiting.

Greeters will be wearing masks and gloves. Greeters will open the door to allow a “touch free” entry for you. 

There will be no shaking of hands, hugging, fist bumps, etc.  Please smile, wave, and air hug.

All these guidelines are for the safety of one another and will be in place until further notice.

First Christian Church (Warrensburg)
Guidelines For Health & Safety

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