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And It Was So, Dec. 24, 2023

Luke 1:39-56, Advent B4

Theme:  Joy


This Sunday’s lectionary text reveals an account of one of the most personal and private views into the world within which Jesus was born.  It describes a scene of two pregnant mothers sharing a greeting. 

It is between Mary, who was very young, and Elizebeth, who was much older.

When they met, the unborn child in Mary’s womb kicked.  Evidently, the kick was strong enough that Mary reacted enough to cause Elizebeth’s notice. 

Reading this passage brings back memories of times when my wife was expecting a child.  Often, when the fetus moved, she would invite me to place my hand on her belly wanting me to feel the life within her.  These were very personal times.  Often, as we shared such experiences with our two unborn children, we would dream of what the new life we shared would be like.   I see Elizabeth and Mary sharing such a moment.

The account tells of how Elizabeth envisions the possibility of Mary bearing the Messiah.  During the exchange, Mary is inspired to sing an ancient song.  It was the ancient song Hanna sang when she was expecting the birth of Samuel.

The song is one filled with hope and anticipation that the unborn child might be the Messiah – the one who would bring peace and freedom to an impoverished people.  This Messiah symbolized the gift of God’s redemption for the Israelites. 

The joy these two women shared was an anticipation of the promise of a savior.  It is the same joy we at First Christian Church, Warrensburg, Missouri share in this special season. 

Come and worship with us on this Christmas Eve as we sing songs of joy for the expectation of the Christ’s coming into the world – a remembrance of Jesus’s birth, and his return.

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