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Believe It or Not, April 14, 2024 Rev. Elizebeth Coleman Guest Pastor

Updated: Apr 12

Psalm 139 & 1 John 3:1-7 Easter B3,

Theme: Believe It Or Not


I want to thank you for inviting me to worship with you this Sunday. It's always both a pleasure and a challenge to bring a meaningful message to any congregation, especially one in which you belong. Guest Preachers have the option to never return!

The Scripture readings for Sunday are from the Old Testament, Psalm 139 and from the New Testament? 1 John 3:1-7.

Roger and I keep a running dialogue in our home. He never takes my advice without questioning it. He finally begrudgingly takes it, perhaps to prove me wrong. We call this the "Louise Syndrome" in honor of his darling mother who suffered the same affliction!

When I am right, I simply say what a burden it is for me to be right all the time....and we laugh. What is it about believing that's so difficult? Why do we always need proof?

This Sunday, we'll be exploring this more fully in my message " Believe It Or Not." See you in church!

Pastor Liz

• Preaching this Sunday, is Reverend Elizabeth Cockrell Coleman.

Liz Coleman graduated from St. Paul School of Theology in 1986. She was ordained that same year at Community Christian Church in Kansas City. Prior to seminary training, Liz directed a child-care center and taught pre-school at several locations including Broadway Methodist Church. Following seminary, she was named Director of United Campus Ministries at the University of Missouri/Kansas City Campus, a position she held for ten years (1987-1997). In addition, Liz was the primary minister overseeing weddings for the Jackson County Department of Records at the Old Courthouse on the Square in Independence. She performed this ministry for almost 30 years.

Liz is a retired Disciples of Christ Minister. She and her husband, Roger, were married in 1972, having met while attending school in Columbia, Missouri. The Coleman’s have three daughters and six grandchildren. Liz and Roger are members of First Christian Church, Warrensburg, Missouri.

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