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Every Knee Shall Bow Matthew 18:21-35, Romans 14:7-12

Sept 17, 2023, Pentecost 16A

Theme: Reconciliation, Humility

Have you ever received a windfall of money? If so, what did you do with it?

Did you spend it all on your own wish list? I mean, did you go out on the town or spend it on new clothes or a new car?

Did you buy a gift for a loved one or pay someone else’s medical bill? Or perhaps, did you set aside a portion for the church?

Did you think of a friend or family member who is in financial distress?

In Sunday’s gospel message, Jesus tells of a man whose king forgives him his past due taxes.

This act of reconciliation by the king translates to a financial bonus for the man. But when it comes to the way the man treats those who owe him, he does not show the same mercy.

In a way, experiencing a windfall is a kind of gift of reconciliation. It is money we did not earn. It takes away the stress resulting from one’s financial obligations.

For the man in Jesus’ parable, the king’s forgiveness allows him the freedom to also forgive those who owe him.

In reality, all of us are beneficiaries of God’s forgiveness. We definitely benefit from that gift of mercy. Jesus advises us that God will judge us on how we “pay it forward.”

Join us for one of our worship services this Sunday as we consider the benefits we have gained from God’s blessings and how we can share those benefits with others.

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