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Fire! May 19, 2024

Acts 2:1-21, Pentecost 1A

Theme:  Church’s Birthday


This Sunday is my favorite of the church liturgical year after Easter.  To me, it supersedes Christmas, mainly because December 25th is not a Biblically verifiable date.  This is not to say the Bible does not record the birth of Jesus, but no specific date is mentioned.


Pentecost is the fiftieth day after Easter.  The story found in Acts marks the beginning of Christ’s Church.  It tells of a designated group of Jesus’ followers who began gathering daily in an upper room in Jerusalem ten days after he ascended into Heaven.   You might say it was the first prayer group.


There, on the tenth day, while they were praying, the Holy Spirit appeared as flames on the shoulders of those who were present.  The story tells of the Spirit filling them so they were moved to go out into the street and begin to preach.  An interesting thing happened.  They must have made quite a scene because Pilgrims from all over that region of the world gathered around to see what was happening.  Individuals from many foreign countries heard the message they were proclaiming in their own language.


Peter got up and preached what was the first sermon recorded.  It contained a brief but earthshattering message.  That message would go on to spread all over the world.  That message transformed humanity.


So… What does all this mean to us today?  If the Church is ordained by God, then who is it for?  The Church means many things to many people.

Is it still inspired by the Holy Spirit? 

If so, what is it we are to do?


guess the real question is, why do you do Church?

Come worship with us at First Christian Church, Warrensburg, Missouri during one of our services this Sunday as we celebrate the Birthday of the Church.


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