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Your People, Dec 3, 2023

Isaiah 64:1-9, Advent B1

Theme: Hope

“O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” (Isaiah 64:8).

This is a section of a prayer written toward the end of the time the Israelites were in captivity in Persia (around 600 years before the birth of Jesus). The Israelites were being allowed more freedom and some were dreaming of a time when they could return to their beloved land.

It was a time of hope.

The prayer is a plea to God for the sins of their past to be forgiven so that a new age of freedom could be experienced. The prophets of their time had taught them that God had allowed the terrible captivity to take place because they had turned away from God’s law. The hope was there could be forgiveness from God. The hope was that they could finally have paid the heavy debt of their forefathers.

Today, many feel there is a repeat of the past. They see the world full of sin. In fact, many in the world do experience extreme hardships. Many suffer from poverty. Others are experiencing the oppression of war and harsh and cruel treatment – even torture and death.

They hope for the Messiah. Christians pray for the return of the Christ. Others believe that the Savior is yet to come. Either way, there is a hope for a chance for a new life free from oppression and suffering.

So, this Sunday, we at First Christian Church in Warrensburg, Missouri, are gathering to share in the hope for a new day – a day when the Messiah will come and provide an eternal reign of justice, and peace.

Come join us as we light a candle in prayer in the hope for a better world. God, your people seek it.

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