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    There is a group of women at the FCC of Warrensburg. They are warm, welcoming,            cordial, friendly and enthusiastic.
    We call them the Christian Women’s Fellowship or better known as CWF and we would      love for you to joins us.


   To provide opportunities for Spiritual growth by:

  • Deepening our faith.

  • Virtue and Character.

Enrichment by:

  • Improving quality of mind and soul.

  • Rediscover life in a practical way.         

Education by:

  • Devotionals and Scriptures.

  • Programs (recently studied- 12 Extraordinary Women of the Bible).         

Creative Ministries by:

  •  Expanding our minds artistically.

  • Developing clarity and ability to make positive choices.         

    This… Enables Women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for

 the whole mission of the Church of Jesus Christ.


  •  Monthly Studies and hospitality


  • Visits to shut-in and care center residents twice a year

  • Plan monthly donations to local organizations such as Big Bro and Sisters,

      Department of Social Services and Schools with support of congregation.

  • Attend Regional meetings and workshop

  • Members volunteer to work one month each year in support of local food center


   A few of local organizations we support:

  • New Beginnings Survival House

  • Nehemiah Food Center Show-Me-Christian Youth Home

  • Christmas Store Angel Tree

   In addition, we support our Church Finance Council, Regional Christian Women’s               Fellowship Services ,Operating fund and Ministries; Global Connecting (World CWF) and       the Ministerial Scholarship Fund.

   In order to fund these activities, we have two money making opportunities each year:

  • Fall Rummage and Bake Sale

  • Spring Ham & Bean Dinner/Silent Auction

   While planning and working these events we join together in fellowship, support each       other, work as a team and get to know each other better AND "we laugh a lot!" 

   These events are generously supported by the community and surrounding areas.

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