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Lord of Lords, Oct. 29, 2023

Psalm 90:1-6 & 13-17, Matthew 22:34-46

Pentecost 22A

Theme: Lord of Lords

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you a question that you are supposed to know the answer to, but you can’t remember it? I think this was what the Pharisees thought they could use to catch up Jesus.

Jesus was asked which was the greatest commandment. The people sent to entrap Jesus thought he would take the bait and choose one of the more well known Ten Commandments. They were hoping to get him into some kind of discussion on which was a worse sin.

But Jesus knew his scriptures well. He quoted the reference found in Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18. These were taught in the Torah to be the summery of the Ten Commandments.

Jesus then asked them a question none of them could answer. He asked how the Messiah

could be both the “Son of David” and the “Son of God” – both human and divine. This, they could not answer even though the God/Man was standing right in front of them.

These wise teachers of the law of God couldn’t even recognize the Messiah – the one for which they prayed would come to liberate them from the nightmare of existence in which the Israelites found themselves.

It was the Messiah – the Lord of Lords who stood before them.

It was the one who had come to offer them salvation.

Come worship with us at one of our services at First Christian Church, Warrensburg, Missouri, where we will find the presence of the Lord of Lords.

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