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Revelation, Feb 11, 2024

Mark 9.2-13, Epiphany 6B

Theme:  Transfiguration


What Can I say?

The account of the Transfiguration is just AWESOME. 

There are three people standing on the mountain top from THREE different times in history – AND they are standing together.  There’s Jesus, Moses and Elijah STANDING TOGETHER.  After Moses and Elijah disappear, there is a voice from heaven announcing Jesus as God’s son.

When Peter, James and John saw it they were amazed.  Peter wanted to mark the place for posterity with booths.  Booths were used on special holidays to sell food to the crowds.  Well, he was a businessman.  Never pass up an opportunity for a profit – right.  Afterall, it was a very special event.

OK!  Wonderful, right?  But… what does it mean to us today?

We live in times when we see or read of something miraculous occurring almost every day.  Rockets going into space, solo sailors circumnavigating the planet.  Robot vehicles landing on Mars, heart transplants… all these things happen on a daily basis.  So, Peter, James and John saw something miraculous. 


Then, I hear people say that we never see miracles from God.

I say, just look around!  I never see the same sunset twice.  Have you ever noticed how the air feels fresh in the morning?  Have you watched it snow?  Millions of snowflakes descending from the clouds – each unique.  All of these events are miraculous miracles.

But Jesus is announced with Moses and Elijah as the Son of God even though we don’t see the vision as clearly as Peter, James and John.  Jesus appears with us every day of our lives.

We Just have to see Him!  Feel Him!  Be renewed by Him!

Worship with us in person during one of our worship services at First Christian Church, Warrensburg, Missouri as we will be meditating on the miracle of Jesus. 

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